Winter Surf

Usually from September to February the Ligurian beaches are desert, but if you don't fear wind and cold rain, you can meet a bunch of travelers that, in the most adverse conditions, move from east to west looking for the worst conditions of the sea.
Without being seen or heard, in Italy there is a scene of passionate surfers that, as fearless investigators, evade from cities and towns to chase that feeling of standing on a board, looking for the perfect wave. Longboard, shortboard, fish .. any style is practicable thanks to the different conditions of waves you can find in Liguria.
I traveled from Diano Marina, coming up with various types of waves, ending in Varazze and it's hollow waves.
While waiting for the next storm, we are getting ready for the coldest months with a post-surf outfit, able to warm the bones without neglecting style.


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Your article perlfctey shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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