Leroy Grannis - Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s

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LeRoy “Granny” Grannis was born in 1917 in Hermosa Beach, California. He started surfing at an early age, surfing in the 1930s in Malibu, California when 6 guys out was surfing was considered crowded! Amazingly, he didn’t start with photography until he was 46 years old — oddly enough at the advice of his doctor, as a hobby to relieve stress (brought on by his job at a telephone company).

Mentored by his friend and fellow photography great, John “Doc” Ball, LeRoy quickly took to his new trade. But it lasted only a little longer than a decade when he moved away from shooting surfing in 1971 in light of the growing competition and sprawling surf industry.

LeRoy was one of the pioneering photographers for shooting from the water. He would paddle out, perched on his surfboard with his camera ‘safely’ encased in a wooden box — a far cry from the camera housings water photographers use today.

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