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The power of the t-shirt. By simply adding a few words or a picture a simple T-shirt can become the emblem of a personal message. In the mid-70s that was the shirt for intimate use of the US military has become the expression of unbridled individualism. On the t-shirt we find everything from musical tastes, political orientation, or movies and favorite TV shows, holidays, etc. Get to Know Us How to garment T-shirt was also dottata by designers and artists as well as the so-called street culture. This very American piece of clothing which is worn usually with a pair of jeans remains the simplest and most direct way of communicating one's self. This book presents a collection of Patrick and Marc Guetta one of the largest in the world. Starting from the 70s and 80s, but this is not just a nostalgic journey of memory, but also a kind of witness to what was america at the level of politics, popular culture and custom.
Author Patrick & Marc Guetta, Alison A. Nieder
Topic Fashion Book
Collana VA
Sizes 240x240mm
Cover Brossura con ali
Pages 392