Dian Hanson's history of pin-up magazines vol. 1-3

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The pin-up calling.
The Complete History, commented and illustrated magazines dedicated to pin-up 1900-1969.

Open the notebooks, temperate pencils and get ready for the most unlikely of which have ever witnessed history lesson. You are going to learn everything you wanted to know about the world history of the men-only magazines. Nothing magazines about sports, fashion, hunting or fishing or how to build a birdhouse in ten moves: we are talking about those magazines titillanti on an issue that touches the hearts - and other body parts - all heterosexual men : the female form nude.
Three compact and comprehensive volumes, Dian Hanson traces the fascinating history of the magazines dedicated to pin-up starting from 1900 until 1969. The first volume of the first magazines speaks "to hang" born in France, Germany and the United States and their evolution during the First and Second World war, at a time when they were disguised as film magazines, humorous magazines, art magazines or nudism and spicy fiction. The second volume documents the growing success of this type of magazines after World War II and in particular the debut of a small publication called Playboy in December 1953, which would have thrown the seed to dozens of imitators. During this time taking hold English magazines for men only, those dedicated to fetishism and the five most famous cover girls of the '50s. The third and final volume documents the boom of American men's magazines after the abolition of the law on obscenity and continues with French magazines that are losing ground; England becomes more perverse; nudism which becomes a hippie and Germany, more and more perverse, hippie and politicized.

The curator:
Dian Hanson was born in Seattle in 1951. For 25 years she produced various men's magazines, including Puritan, Juggs and Leg Show, before becoming the editor for TASCHEN's sexy book in 2001. The number of volumes that he edited for TASCHEN include The New Erotic Photography Vol. 2 and Robert Crumb: Sketchbooks 1982-2011. He lives in Los Angeles.

816 pages, 167x217 cm.

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