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Bob Dylan was awarded in 2008, the first rock star to godore of such recognition, the Pulitzer Prize for the profound impact that his highly poetic lyrics and his original music has had on popular music and American culture. Musician and poet, Dylan is recognized by critics and fans alike as the most influential singer-songwriter in the history of music. For over forty years, his songs have won the hearts of all fans of rock music around the world. His lyrics are the typical result of a merger between his personal philosophy and its socio-political point of view. Musically he went through various phases from the traditional folk, blues, country, gospel and rock really becoming the soundtrack of the lives of many. Started in 1961 with a very young guitar and harmonica, this enigmatic and shy artist became an international icon as a tireless author of 30 albums and at the same time great star of the live show. This book is a concise overview of his career made through texts and images.

This new series of Icons dedicated to music, presents a selection of approximately 150 portraits, posters and covers, rare photos of unreleased concerts and unofficial photos. Each photo, each emblematic of a particular event, is accompanied by a caption that explains the artistic evolution of the character. The whole is then completed from the list of records and charts.

192 pages, 140x195 cm.

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