Il libro delle palme (big edition)

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Pardise' trees.
All kinds known family of palms 240 wonderful illustrations.

December 13, 1868, Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius (1794-1868), professor of botany at the University of Monaco and Director of the Royal Botanic Garden, he was taken to his final resting place in a coffin covered with fresh palm leaves. It was a tribute to his pioneering work Historia naturalis palmarum: tripartitum opus, published between 1823 and 1853.
This encyclopedic treasure consists of 240 color illustrations refined, including panoramic views of palm habitats and unusual specimens sections.
This amazing collection was based on the shipment of Martius in Brazil and Peru together with zoologist Johann Baptist von Spinx, sponsored by the king of Bavaria Maximilian I. From 1817 to 1820 the pair traveled to over 2250 kilometers through the Amazon, one of the richest regions of the world's palm trees, collecting and reproducing in their sketches of various type specimens. Back at home, the two scholars were awarded the title of knights and rewarded with an annuity.
In epic Martius this work has traced the guidelines of modern botanical classification of these specimens, creating one of the first maps of palm biogeography, describing all the specimens present in Brazil and unifying all the knowledge of the time in the field. All this, adding the findings of other colleagues to their notes and drawings. Unusual in its inclusion of sections that illustrate the architecture of these mighty trees - hard to imagine in detail for the inhabitants of Central Europe - and remarkable for color landscapes depicting the simple and elegant beauty of palm trees, this famous work it remains a milestone unparalleled in the world of illustration botany and taxonomy.

"This book is wonderful and exuberant collections of art books as the palm trees are other trees in tropical forests. The refined designs, intimate palms make this book one of my favorites of the TASCHEN catalog. "Sebastião Salgado

The author:
H. Walter Lack is a professor at the Free University of Berlin, and until August 2014 was director of the Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin's Dahlem neighborhood. Authoritative history of botany expert, explains mainly the repercussions of the global transfer of useful and ornamental plants from the point of view of cultural history. He is the author of Garden Eden (TASCHEN).

416 pages, cm 31,4 x 43,5.

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