Navy harringbone wool & silk suspenders

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Add a dandy and stilish glance to your look!
These suspenders will give a boost to your look; they look perfect on a white t-shirt and + blue jeans and super gorgeous on a shirt for a more classic look.
Can be used both with normal pants (or skirts, you scottish boy) by using the included clips, or with pants with buttons, as we provide also leather straps.
Not only they are stylish, they are also comfortable! The back side is made with a super resistant elastic strap, so you can stand, sit, bend, jump, dance and wear them all they long without the hassle of having the weight of your booty on your shoulders. Yay!
We deliver them on a very green ecologic paper box.

2 in 1: both buttons and clips included.
Tarnished look clips.
Elastic back strap.

100% Wool + Silk & Italian calf leather (Made in Tuscany).

100% Made in Italy.

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