NYT. 36 hours. World (3/36/365)

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For All globetrotters.
3 volumes of the hit series Dedicated TRAVEL "36 hours", 365 DESTINATIONS around the world.

Dream Dakar? Hanker Paris? OR SOME fantasized of nights in New Orleans? The world is waiting for you, and as you will need much time to see it all, Why not INSERT a little 'adventure in your order EVERY week? Since 2011, Taschen has transformed the popular column in The New York Times "36 hours" in a picture book which shows originate A trip not Necessarily Have to be Long to be unforgettable. Now, come continuation of Our Collection of destinations ordered by geographic area, WE OFFER The very latest trio of Volumes Dedicated to the trip to Those Who wish to see them all. Arranged in alphabetical order, along this 3 Volumes A pack from box Fascinating It offers the best of the series "36 hours" from around the world, for a total of 365 DESTINATIONS, included SOME New destinations in Africa and the Middle East.

3 Volumes Covering 365 fashionable destinations and remote refuges from Abu Dhabi to Zurich
14 City New unreleased In volumes of the series "36 hours"
Advice on Over 1,500 restaurants and 1,000 hotel
Among more than 1,000 photos and illustrations
Indexes easy consultation and detailed maps of ALL cities

The curator:
Barbara Ireland, writer and editor who lives in the State of New York, Has Been travel editor vice and columnist for the New York Times. WHEN was the staff of the Times, he has commissioned and supervised numerous headings "36 hours" by writing her SOME SAME. She graduated from Cornell University and Stata and John S. Knight Journalism fellow at Stanford University.

1800 pages, 16,8 x 24,0 cm.

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