Street Casting - MODEL WANTED - Mitchumm is looking for you!




Yes, exactly you, with that six-months-lenght beard and those handlebar moustaches.

You, with all those tattoes coming out of the collar and cuffs of your shirt.

You're not too young, but too old either.

A look at your face is enough to see you're an experienced man, you can always find a solution to every trouble,

and you sure had seen a lot, maybe even too much...

Your wardrobe is plenty of shirts, size 39/40; you work out, it's clear by the 48 size of your jacket, and your pants are a 48 as well...


If you think it's YOU we are looking for the MITCHUMM FW 2015 SHOOTING, then send us some pictures and a video to introduce yourself and prove you're right for this project.
All pictures/videos must be sent by December the 15th 2014, to or our fecebook page Mitchumm Industries.

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